Zoomies Hands Free Binoculars 4X Magnification Zoom Enlarge Glasses Telescopes #2096


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Product Description
Zoomies hands-free, high-powered portable binocular glasses are as convenient and comfortable as sunglasses. Ideal for sporting events, concerts, hiking, reading, crafts and more, the binoculars provide up to 300% magnification and can be easily adjusted to your preference with the handy focus dial on the side. Zoomies are super-lightweight and fold up for safe and compact storage.
Features & Benefits of Zoomies:

Provides 400% zoomed-in view with a turn of a dial
Binocular technology in micro vision lenses
Compact and fits in pocket or purse
Built-in sunshade cuts glare
Includes lanyard and protective carrying case
No need for bulky binoculars or magnifying glasses
Great for bird watching, sporting events, concerts & more
Also great for reading, sewing, crafts, watching TV & more

  • Sunshade eliminates glare without switching to sunglasses
  • Unique Hands Free design that can be adjusted
  • Fold & Store easily in Shirt or Purse